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Insects Empowering A Brighter Future 

We are a multigenerational family-owned business group with roots in multiple countries, and a lifetime of experience with farming, ranching, beekeeping, and more.

UB’s focus is on insects at the heart of regenerative agricultural systems, motivated by healthy, happy humans.

We’re a people-first business who believe that individual responsibility is the best way to ensure a beautiful, flourishing planet for future generations!

Our roots extend through our founders from the USA to Canada and Mexico, and from Singapore to Malaysia and Cambodia. 

We’ve worked with many types of crops and livestock and believe that Black Soldier Fly Larvae (BSFL) holds a powerful key to unlocking the most sustainable and productive natural food systems imaginable. 

Through our background with insect agriculture and entomophagy (consumption of insects by animals and people), we’ve demonstrated the efficacy of entomo-nutrition on our own bodies and on our livestock, ranging from poultry to ducks to farmed wild boar along with many, many excitedly-tail-wagging canine friends!

We believe in taking a first principles approach to agriculture and business, and we’re decidedly against the woke agenda.

Though ironically, our strong and diverse team just naturally checks all the “diversity” boxes, without faking it.

Because we all joined together based on a shared vision of the world and UB as a company, and each brought our strengths and talents to the table…and then to the farm(s)…and now back to yours and to your table.

THAT’S how the circular economy works. 🙂 

Thank you for supporting a family-owned business. Our goal is that you’ll be delighted by our products, and we are always open to hearing your feedback! 

Our goal is to continuously work to improve our products, supply chain, and customer service, so please feel free to contact us here or find us on social channels. 

And finally, thanks for doing YOUR part to create a healthier food system for the future of your family, which causes ripples out to the rest of humanity.

May God bless your farm / ranch / homestead / garden, healing the soil and bringing forth the richest harvest.

Thanks for being on this journey with us!

Much grubby love,

Gabriela, Josh, Terence, Curran, and the whole UB extended family

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Reach out with your questions, comments, or ideas for how we can work together to solve your most pressing organic waste and animal feed needs. 

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