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We upcycle food and agricultural waste using the black soldier fly larvae (BSFL, but we call them soldier grubs!), transforming it into nutrient-rich animal feeds, organic fertilizer, and biodegradable materials.

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Unique Biotech Soldier Grubs 5lb

About UB’s Soldier Grubs

This box is filled with the future of feed – nature’s most efficient means of upcycling organic waste materials into valuable nutrients for poultry and waterfowl. 

While insects are the natural target when chickens are scratching and searching for delicious treats, these grubs are far beyond any ordinary bug they might find – they’re sustainably farmed, processed, and prepared for your flock’s enjoyment and your own peace of mind.

Soldier grubs are packed with vital nutrition, including protein, omega fatty acids, and minerals, each of which are essential for the health of your flock and for stronger, thicker eggshells with more nutritious yolks. We’re confident that your birds will love them!

Unique Biotech premium chicken feed has 50x more calcium than Mealworms and is made from 100% natural soldier grubs. For backyard chickens and laying hens.


Loaded with vitamins and minerals, soldier grubs are a natural food source for poultry and will keep your hens satisfied, leading to fewer squabbles and more harmony in the flock!


BSFL have up to 50x the calcium of mealworms, which will enhance egg production and promote yellower yolks and stronger eggshells! Sufficient calcium also ensures that your chickens will have stronger, healthier bones and a better overall appearance.


Black soldier fly larvae help to improve the natural molting process, promoting healthier feathers and allowing hens and roosters to retain more energy. 


Train your flock to come running when you call by treating them with these delicious grubs! Whether you’re managing chicken tractors, eggmobiles, or simply free ranging your hens, by scattering these BSFL on the ground your birds will be encouraged to scratch and maintain natural feeding behavior.


Soldier Grubs are incredibly eco-friendly, upcycling organic matter into valuable protein, fats, fiber, and more! As part of a zero-waste solution, BSFL help to support your individual actions toward a cleaner, healthier, and more prosperous planet – while giving you happier chickens and tastier eggs!


Along with being grown in an eco-friendly way, our grubs are non-GMO, with no additives, preservatives, or sprays! These BSFL are Sustainably microwave-dried and vacuum packed for maximum Freshness.

backyard chickens love UB soldier grubs
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Happy Hens, Healthy Humans!

The food waste problem is the food security solution

It’s rare that a catastrophic problem valued in the trillions of dollars can be considered as a potential solution for another equally weighty problem, but such is absolutely the case with food waste, when processed efficiently using Black Soldier Fly Larvae (BSFL). 

The reality is that the majority of food waste doesn’t come from your plate – it comes from upstream in the food production process, from the supermarket, to the distribution centers, to the transportation and logistics system, and all the way back to the processing, harvesting, and farms themselves.

Each step in the food production supply chain before it’s purchased by the end consumer, is considered “pre-consumer” waste, and in general the further back in the process one goes, the larger the quantity of waste, and the cleaner that waste supply will be as a substrate input for BSFL.

Nutrient-rich, all-natural animal feeds

Lowered mortality and improved FCR

Production of livestock, poultry, eggs, and aquatic animals such as fish and shrimp is a complex process requiring careful management of many variables. With BSFL feed inputs, two of the largest challenges are addressed, lowering mortality rates especially in the younger animals and increasing feed conversion rates (FCR). A rare double win from one input.

Organic fertilizer and crop inputs

Healthy soil microbiome from the right NPK mix

Growing crops requires more than just a green thumb – similar to their livestock counterparts, plants require a complex system of variables working synergistically in order to flourish. BSFL frass is naturally high in N-P-K and can also be mixed with pupae shells for increased calcium and soil microbe development.


Innovating a world where humans  flourish

Sustainable solutions often come with an unspoken philosophical root of belief that humans are the problem and responsible for all that ails the planet, rather than potentially the conduit for innovative solutions which both improve the environment and the lives of people everywhere.

We believe that human ingenuity is capable of creating a world where man and nature coexist in harmony, both thriving, and to the ultimate benefit of humankind. Much as it has over the past two hundred years, technological advancement in pursuit of human-focused solutions will lead the way to a healthier, happier planet and more widespread prosperity for all of earth’s inhabitants.

So while it is true that we solve problems of waste due to inefficiencies in the food production supply chain, and that we provide more sustainable forms of animal feed, we do so not from an attitude of carbon-shaming, but rather from a philosophical foundation of improving human lives through healthier food, more efficient production of food, and a cleaner environment in every way possible.




Reach out with your questions, comments, or ideas for how we can work together to solve your most pressing organic waste and animal feed needs. 

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