I posted a video recently when a news story broke titled “Covid with wings: Backyard chicken coops could bring down farming industry“.

It went semi-viral (for someone who had less than 100 followers at the time), getting more than 110,000 views and over 1.3k comments before fizzling out like a fourth of July sparkler this week.

One thing became clear though from the comments: people are willing to fight for their right to grow their own food, and the lightning-rod issue is backyard chickens.

13% of U.S. households now own a collective 85 million backyard chickens, with an average of five per owner.*

Of the thousand-plus comments on the video, the great majority of them were essentially saying they would fight to defend their chickens as they would their family, from an overreaching government.

Especially considering that the reason sounds vaguely familiar, echoing the “for your safety” messaging from the lockdowns in 2020 (which ironically is where the real spark for backyard poultry was lit, as millions of people in America realized they needed to be more self-sufficient).

On this 4th of July Independence Day holiday in the US, reading about what the Founding Fathers gave up after signing the Declaration of Independence is a poignant reminder for just how far the country has fallen, and just how important it is to have lines in the sand.

Make no mistake – the ruling elite have (long ago) declared a war on sovereignty and that is made very clear over the past few years with the demonization of cows and meat.

But it hasn’t stopped there.

Now eggs, which have been proven time and time again to be one of the world’s healthiest superfoods, are squarely in the crosshairs, as mainstream media articles claim they may harm you in ways that goes far beyond gaslighting into blatant lies.

And of course, the 100’s of commercial poultry and egg farms all over the world spontaneously combusting and burning to the ground, while inflation rages from rampant money-printing, are causing supply shortages and massive price increases.

Self-sufficiency is more important than ever.

And people understand that, which is at the heart of the newfound love for gardening, homesteading, and all those clucking feathered friends.

We also get it – UB is a black soldier fly company, and we’ve seen firsthand the nutritional benefits of soldier grubs for chickens and ducks, and especially the nutrient density of the eggs.

But beyond the mere fact that one of our products is the perfect feed supplement for backyard chickens, our team fundamentally is on board with the attitude of so many commenters on my tiktok video: we will not back down on our promotion of liberty, and the ability for everyone to grow their own food.

We’ve lived it, first of all, growing up on farms and for those now in cities, buying from local farmers at every possible chance.

And we’ve read world history, and know that controlling the food supply is always an important target for would-be totalitarians.

Our goal is to continually work to make soldier grubs (and our organic BSFL fertilizer) more accessible in the marketplace and to support an individual’s right to remain self-sufficient.

We have some exciting new changes coming to our production capabilities (and locations) and we’re striving to produce the healthiest, cleanest, most nutritious soldier grubs your flock will love.

If you have backyard chickens, I salute you for an act of rebellion which America’s founding fathers would approve of!

Celebrate freedom and self-sufficiency this Independence day in America with a buy one get one free deal on Soldier Grubs! (discount applied at Amazon checkout)

With you in the fight for liberty,

Josh Galt
CEO, Unique Biotech Inc

Josh Galt Gabriela Cruz soldier grubs

PS: TikTok is a very censored platform, and in fact I’m now “temporarily suspended” banned from promoting posts until 2034, so I’m realizing I will need to use X (twitter) more for as long as that freedom of speech lasts. Check out my thread on the avian bird flu and backyard chickens here or see the shadowbanned tiktok video here.

*Source: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/millennials-love-affair-pet-chickens-110000002.html